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          KINETIC · I'm going to Milan | Witness the Design Power of Jiangsu, Let’s Meet on Nov.7th?

          Release time:2019-11-05Page Views:3002

          KINETIC · I'm going to Milan | Witness the Design Power of Jiangsu, Let’s Meet on Nov.7th?

          Focus on Contemporary Chinese Lifestyle and Living Environment
          Provides a Stage for Self-expression for Contemporary Chinese Youth Design Power and New Design Forces
          “KINETIC · I'm going to Milan 2019 Chinese New Generation Designer Award”
          Suzhou Division Rematch
          Will be held on Nov.7th
          Officially opened at Hyatt Regency Suzhou

          Top 10 of Suzhou Division Explain the Design Thoughts

          Zhang Yingpeng, Pang Xi, Ji Chunhua, Shi Yun, Liu Chenghan, Hu Yanli
          Wonderful Reviews from the Perspective of Design, Product, and Media
          Creat Moments of Inspiration with Thoughts
          All Designers Working to Improve the Living Environment are Welcome 
          Come to Communicate

          New Generation Designer · Expert Review

          New Generation Designer• Sharing Session

          Li Jing
          Shine-V Interior Design  Designer

          Shortlisted Works  《Ai》

          Hu Fei
          Nanjing DOLONG Design   Chief Designer

          Shortlisted Works 《black&white&Kaws》

          Deng Kexing
          Independent Designer

          Shortlisted Works 《Suzhou Yan Heng Guan Tang》

          Chen Qiucheng
          Xiaoan Design Chief Designer

          Shortlised Works 《Borders · Boundaries》

          Zhou Liucheng
          Nanjing MTHZ Design  Chief Designer

          Shortlisted Works 《Fortunate》

          Yan Xu
          Nanjing DOLONG Design   Design Director

          Shortlised Works 《Jing • Ru》

          Li Ming
          Mingtang Space Design (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.  Chief Designer

          Shortlisted Works 《A Clean and Bright Place》

          Shi Zhengyu
          Nanjing Wusuo Design Studio  Design Director

          Shortlisted Works 《If》

          Yang Chao
          Nanjing Calla Space Design Co., Ltd.  Master Designer

          Shortlisted Works 《the Past Rest in Peace》

          Jiang Ting
          Independent Designer

          Shortlisted Work 《Twilight》

          About "I'm going to Milan"
          Since its launch in 2016, the "I'm going to Milan" series of events has reached its fourth year. As the fourth public welfare design competition, the "2019 Chinese New Generation Designer Award" continues the theme of the 2018 interior space design, and focuses on the design of the living space, paying attention to the contemporary Chinese lifestyle and living environment.

          "I’m going to Milan Chinese New Generation Designer Award" is a public welfare event co-sponsored by KINETIC and NetEase Design in 2016. It provides a stage for self-expression for contemporary Chinese new generation design forces and new design powers, and brings the future growth and thoughts of Chinese design to the world stage.

          "I’m going to Milan Chinese New Generation Designer Award" was officially launched in Milan's Sforzesco Castle on April 10. The 2019 competition focused on the strength of Chinese new generation interior designers, looking for talented designers with thoughts and attitude. And in April 2020, 10 young designers will be brought to Milan to exchange and learn. We will justify Chinese design with attitude and action. We will continue to lead China's outstanding youth to the international stage in 2020.

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