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    KINETIC I'm going to Milan | Beijing Division Top 10 Live Lecture Jin Lei Wins Ticket to Milan

    Release time:2019-11-06Page Views:3253

    On November 1st, “KINETIC  I'm going to Milan Chinese New Generation Designer Award”Beijing Station successfully concluded in the EASYHOME Top Design Center. The founder of REDe Architects Jin Lei was unanimously approved by the expert jury. He successfully won the Milan 2020 ticket and Yang Yue won the second place. She will compete with the TOP2 of each competition for the remaining two places, and the TOP10 won the chair award!

    Beijing Station TOP10

    Group Photo of Activity Site


    November 1 Beijing Division
    Jin Lei / promoted to the national TOP10
    Founder of REDe Architects
    Entries: 《Farmhouse Transformation Project in Changgezhuang Village》

    This is a farmhouse public welfare renovation project that helps explore the commercial possibilities of low cost and standardized reproduction in rural areas.

    Jin Aijun’s Reviews

    This case solves the problem that plagues the living conditions of farmers and turns the cluttered space into a bright and comfortable space. 

    Yang Yue
    Founder of Tianjin Disheng Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
    Entries:《Two River Rongfu Model Room E Unit》

    This case is a light luxury style, using marble, lacquer, silky fabrics, etc. to interpret the luxurious temperament.

    Zhao Likun’s Reviews

    It excavated the functions, colors, and lights of the space to the maximum depth, and she did a good job.

    Ma Xin
    Founders of TIANJIN Interior Design & Space Planning
    Entries: 《You and Me》

    NOMON clock adds a bit of cleanliness and charm, showing a unique decorative effect.

    Xia Dewu’s Reviews

    The use of firestone is quite bold, and the entire space takes into account the needs of the owner.

    Han Yu
    Founder / Design Director of Hanyu Design Office
    Entries: 《Apartment Nine》

    The position of the stairwell was changed to the center of the house, the moving line was more reasonable, and the room was more transparent.

    Su Dan’s Reviews

    The space technique of winding paths is deep and multi-layered, not only staying in the space style and material changes.

    Duan Meiyi
    Design Director, Unicorn International Space Design Office
    Entries: 《Great Hidden House》

    Expressing the concept of mountains, rivers, bamboos and stones, and people are between mountains and rivers.

    Zhao Likun’s Reviews

    It maximizes the owner's space use needs, but the living room sofa hinders the appreciation of the window scenery, which is a bit regrettable.

    Hou Lei
    Founder of Beijing Location Space Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
    Entries: 《Wuhan Heguang Chenyu Sales Center》

    The window is designed to make the space communicative. The bamboo forest behind it emphasizes the relationship between the two spaces.

    Liu Linghong’s Reviews

    The design language is relatively clear, and the design concept is fully expressed in space.

    Liu Feng
    Founder of BENBAI Space Design Co., Ltd.
    Entries: 《Black Willow》

    Design revolves around four keywords: balance, nature, life, and art. The space has a balanced fulcrum for comfortable living.

    Su Dan’s Reviews

    It is full of energy and thinking, and he have done a good job of grasping the color materials of space. The specific form of processing space can be further considered.

    Zhang Xianfa’s representative — Li Sichao
    GDK Design Firm 
    Entries: 《Character • Landscape》

    The original cloakroom in the boy's room was opened, the stairwell was re-planned, and the interaction upstairs and downstairs was strengthened.

    Xia Dewu’s Reviews

    The whole design space does not have a strong new Chinese style creativity, which needs to be strengthened in space expression.

    Zhao Tinghui’s Representative — Su Min
    Chief Designer of DYRS Home Improvement Co., Ltd.
    Entries:《White Morning》

    Black metal lines run through the center of the house, showing different ways of using them .

    Jin Aijun’s Reviews

    You have a good command of design skills, but it lacks of a little warmth, it may also be related to the needs of the owners themselves.